Magic Development & Marketing Ltd. is an international company that develops high level magic learning kits, magic diaries, books, DVD's and accessories. We, the developers and manufacturers of a magic line of products, are offering distributors' world wide a chance to distribute our products. Each one of our products and manuals can be produced in any language on demand.

Distributors can buy the products and have them shipped and delivered directly to the customers. Moreover, distributors can acquire copyrights (for "Magic - The Book of Secrets" and "Magic Diary 2010"), manufacture them in their own country and even add advertisements and change the contents according to their own requirements - in accordance with us.

Distributors can get exclusive distributing rights for a specific country/territory/market sector according to a predefined agreement.
Distributors will get our full support in regards to public relations and design ideas for the brand name products.
Additionally, every distributor in every country will get products with there own logo and contact information.


Would you like to distribute Magic?

If you are an experienced distributor with excellent marketing knowledge and skills, strong contacts and an interest in distributing our products, please contact:
Sagiv Levy
Phone: +972 505 452187
Fax: +972 3 5228837


Already a Distributor?

If you are an approved distributor of our products and require graphic material, logo's or banners.
Please contact:

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