In our world, the name of the game is to be outstanding.
To succeed we must promote one brand over the other, get the consumers attention; address their minds, hearts and eventually their hands that take your product.

How does one do this? How do you increase effectiveness and sales?
The hottest gimmick nowadays is integrating the supernatural, a gimmick which research has proven to be the most useful in exhibitions and sale promoting events.

The supernatural attracts people to listen. Mentalism draws people into the sales pavilions, and helps them remember a specific marketing message through an artful super sensational telepathy show.

Lior Suchard became a celebrated performer when he was elected unanimously as the first successor of Uri Geller in the highly rated TV program "THE NEW URI GELLER".

In his announcement during the crowning ceremony Uri Geller declared;
"I sought a great performer who would deeply impress me, and I found Lior Suchard."

Since then, Lior appears all over the world in a wide assortment of events before international corporations, mega-celebs, famous TV shows and important exhibitions and trade shows of the top brand names in the world.

In his show, Lior joins together in a very original way telepathy, mentalism and extra-sensory capabilities with keen humor and lots of favorable ambiance, causing the audience to remember this experience for a long time, and these are the reasons for the show's name; "Supernatural Entertainment". He isn't satisfied with mind-reading (as easily as reading a paper) and moving objects without touching them at all... Suchard's added value comes in the form of joy and happiness, bringing his capabilities to bear for this purpose!

Everyone who took part in a "Suchard experience" can describe the feelings of warmth, optimism and general positive feelings with which he left the show and which stayed for a long time in his heart.

Suchard doesn't cease to surprise and produces incessantly new concepts and materials which he includes in his show.

The connection between Lior's unique capabilities and the product or concept you intend to promote (or the message you wish to convey) will be strong and convincing.

Lior will make use of the product or the concept you are promoting, will make it the center of attention and in so doing will obtain big gatherings during conventions, exhibitions, presentations and fairs to assure your skyrocketing success.

After all, you don't frequently meet such an artist at gatherings like these.

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